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This info-graphic entitled ‘5 benefits of Huddle Rooms’ provide us an overview of importance of rooms hired for meetings.

Huddle rooms are collaborative spaces designed for informal, peer-to-peer communication. These are perfect for brainstorming or touching base with co-workers. Nowadays, huddle spaces are becoming a popular addition to modern working spaces. And when equipped with the right technology, a huddle space becomes a powerful work station for a small team, say for 7-8 people.

These rooms deliver compelling business benefits, not the least of which is cost savings. They have become the antithesis of the formal conference room since they’re small and convenient meeting spaces that enable a few employees to quickly meet. They reduce cumbersome reservation processes. They’re all about ad hoc conversation. These rooms lose the walls and serve the same purpose within open areas. In every way, huddle areas facilitate informal closeness and easy collaboration.

For more detail, please refer to the info-graphic below.